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A Life With Less Alcohol

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Are your cravings normal?


How to manage your mind like Jedi Master & not give in to the urge to drink.


How to make a "Drink Plan" so you don't drink more than you plan to.


How to stomp out your urges and lose your over desire for alcohol.


How to create freedom from alcohol - no more ball and chain.


I want you to get to work on changing your relationship with alcohol ASAP, which is why I've pre-recorded this masterclass for you.

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Finally, you will not depend on a drink as either a "reward" or way to "cope" with life. 

 sound familiar?

You wake up most mornings promising yourself that you're not going to drink tonight, but then find yourself stopping at the market on your way home to pick a bottle so you can "just have one". 

You've dreamed of getting back in touch with the woman who knows that she can handle any emotion: both good and bad.

You dream of the day you go to a party or social gathering and  are able to "take it or leave it".

You can't rely on willpower and "white knuckling" the urges, it's just not working and you're tired of your current results.

The regret and shame is getting in the way of you want to  show up for yourself and your loved ones.

The extra pounds you're carrying around are from drinking more than you want to and making poor food choices. 

Going to AA meetings doesn't fit with who you are. You want a solution in the privacy of your own home.

 you wish...

... someone would just take you by the hand and guide you through a proven success formula that will work in REAL LIFE in order to lose your over desire for drinking and regain your "take it or leave it" ability. 

... it didn't seem so hard to cut back and you were on the other side of this situation.

... you cut back years ago but you never found the right program that fit just for you.

 you've tried

... doing it on your own and have gone a few weeks "in control", but find yourself back to your old ways because it's just too hard to "just have a one drink". 

... avoiding social situations to "control yourself" but you feel worse because you're missing out and not having much fun being alone.


... what you're going to feel like once you've cut back on your drinking, figured out that you have the absolute power at this very moment to manage your mind, and are not living your life at the whim of your urge to drink more than you want to. 

... what you'll feel like when you end your day without a drink to "take the edge off" and become more productive and have energy to get more accomplished after dinner instead of mindlessly binge watching Netflix.

... the improvement in the relationship you have with not only yourself but your loved ones and friends. Confidence that you honor your commitment and goals you set for yourself.

... starting that hobby you've been meaning to start but you just keep putting it off because drinking has become the hub of your fun and entertainment in your life.

... waking up (early) and feeling fresh and motivated to go for that walk or yoga class instead of regretting how much you drank the night before or racking your brain to make sure you didn't do or say something you regret.

Sign up and watch the FREE web class instantly!

Apply these steps right now and don't over drink tonight!

create a life with less alcohol

Learn skills that are rooted and grounded in positive psychology.


Don't worry you don't have to claim you're diseased, powerless or an alcoholic. 

You make changes based on future goals not past digressions. 

No shame or regret. Just realistic and positive solutions that you implement daily.

Go from drinking on a daily basis to saying no to a drink without any anxiety or feelings of deprivation!

"I've got my off button back & now I can trust myself around alcohol again!" - Kathy

Hi! I'm Stephanie

I'm obsessed with helping women live their best life with less alcohol!


I used to think I needed a glass of wine to relax and unwind. My habit started out small with one glass of wine every now and then, but then slowly turned into a bottle of wine a night and a weekend binge more often than I'd like to admit.


I was fed up with hangovers, the weight gain, poor sleep, the shame of remembering the cringey things I said the night before, and the mental energy I was putting into drinking or cleaning up the mess of drinking (guilt, shame, forgotten conversations, regret for something I said or did, forgetting bedtime routines and good night kisses). 


I was just plain ol' tired of thinking about drinking and I truly thought I'd never would be able to control my drinking. 


I knew that the only way for me to make a change was to start from a positive perspective and not one that made me proclaim that had a disease or that I was powerless. 

The tools I learned rewired my brain, and that changed everything.

What I learned and practice now on a daily basis is what I teach you.

No matter where you are on your journey the skills I teach will end the battle in your head so you can lose the shame and regret surrounding your drinking. I have helped countless women live their best lives with less alcohol. 


These women have cut back permanently, got their "off button" back, they've lost their over desire for alcohol and can now "take it or leave it". 


Can you imagine that freedom? You never have to over indulge again. End the cycle of giving in to an urge and the exhaustion of regret and shame.

I've been in your shoes... I know the struggle is REAL! If I can make these changes in my habit of over drinking, so can you!

You're obviously ready to take action! I can't wait to be on this journey with you.


It's good to have you!

"I no longer blindly indulge. I have such freedom from the chains of alcohol"! - Anne

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