Live Workshop

Master the 3 Foundational Tools to Drink Less

30 Women ONLY


Tuesday 11/22 @ 12pm EST/ 11am CST/ 9am PST

(this will be a 60-90 minute workshop)

+ BONUS access to my 4 part Foundational Tools Course ($49 value)





You are in control of your drinking.

There are few to zero hangovers.

Regret and shame are a thing of your past.

Connection with family and friends is deeper because you're not buzzed and foggy.

Sleep is sound and restorative. 


Energy is bursting from you.

Productivity and organization is a breeze.

Bloating and irritability is not a daily discomfort and annoyance.

Join Me...

in a crash course to get you in the right mindset for Thanksgiving

11/22 @ 12pm EST (11am CST/ 9am PST)

Don't let this unprecedented pandemic give you any extra reason to drink this Holiday Season.

Here's what you'll learn:

1. Manage your urges - learn to listen to the gremlin in your mind

2. Create a Drink Plan - your brain like predictability

3. Recover - if you drank more than you planned


Your Results:

1. Restorative sleep -more energy- more patience - clear mind

2. Trusting yourself around alcohol

3. Confidence - in yourself

4. No regretful thoughts - no more beating yourself up (which only keeps the cycle going)

5. Improved relationships - with #1 yourself and your loved ones

only keeps the cycle going)

  • Improved relationships - with yourself and loved ones